Cyberpunk 2077 | Sour Takemura

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It was time for another insane plan this time of Takemura’s own doing. I was along for the ride. If things don’t go perfectly in this one and even if they do I have a feeling someone is not walking out of this alive.

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So, what is the crazy plan? Takemura needs to talk to someone named Hanako-sama who is quite hard to reach. How hard is it to reach, you must be wondering? Well, he is going to try and have a conversation with the person while they are on a float during a massive parade.

For all that to work out snipers guarding the parade route need to be taken out. The cameras watching everyone need to be dealt with. Then you have the matter of Takemura getting onto the float. Finally, if that was all not enough for the person, he wants to talk with needs to be willing to hear him out.

Getting access to the cameras was the easy part. This bit was done a bit more in advance. During one of our many talks between Takemura and V about doing this. That however was it of the easy stuff.

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Next up I needed to go into where the float is being kept and hijack it. We need to ensure if needed we can control the float. Along with being able to disable any defenses it has both on the outside and the inside.

This required breaking into a warehouse. While there were many guards out front. There so happened to be a back way of getting into the place. I just had to go up a ladder and not get spotted.

I wanted to go in all nice and quiet for once. That is not how things went down. Turns out I have a full army on my hands to deal with. It seems Takemura was expecting this to not be nice and quiet. He was doing other things in the background to lead any investigating into thinking someone else was the target of us hitting the place.

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I ended up walking around the warehouse till I found our float among many others there. With lots of guards not so thrilled I was even there. I did manage to secure the float for us if we ever needed to take it over in the future.

For how much shooting I was doing. I was able to make it out without leaving another trail of bodies. After that, I needed to wait a while on Takemura to go do some stuff. I ended up grinding some local gigs and buying some new apartments.

It was then time for the big night. The float was going down the streets. I had to take out all snipers that were guarding it so Takemura could gain access to the float as it passed by a building and not get taken out.

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Everything that was going on for this parade was just jaw-dropping. I wanted to stop and just watch it for a while. I, however, had to take out the snipers as the main float was moving along. Otherwise, I'd get behind and we could not pull off the plan.

I ended up making my way slowly through the dense crowds. As I expected, there were many areas I had to find a way around all the people. It was like walking through a maze. All while trying to find an access point to where the first of three snipers was staying.

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Thankfully since we had already taken over the cameras in the area. We could spot where the snipers were all sitting. Their plans of securing the area and keeping a watchful eye on everyone were being used against them.

I ended up taking out the first snipers with ease. I, however, had to be quick about it. If they spotted me, they could snipe me as quickly as I could snipe them back. One of them was a close call but I got the shot off first. Then another one I was able to sneak up on and take him out without him even knowing what was going on.

taking out oda.jpg

Things looked like they were going well. Then suddenly someone named Sandayu Oda showed up. He was quite a thrilling fight. He had high protection for guns so we both ended up duking it out with melee weapons.

Takemura was rightfully worried about this guy showing up out of nowhere. I must have unloaded half a dozen clips into the guy doing almost no damage. I’m just thankful I was holding onto a melee weapon for no reason other than to feel I might need one someday.

This fight also went on for quite a lot longer than I was expecting. I’m rather glad I ended up investing in some health regen points. Along with spending a decent chunk of resources upgrading quite a few implants before starting this part of the mission.

It was then time for Takemura to make his move and get on board the float. I was able to remotely take control of a camera inside and disable security devices inside of the float.

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The person he wanted to speak with so badly, Hanako-sama was less than thrilled about such an encounter. She had also been alerted by this point that someone was taking out the snipers. So, we were not going in at a great time either.

Things were not going the way Takemura was hoping they would. So, he had the only option he could think of. I feel it was possibly the worst of them all. At least at that moment. He kidnapped Hanako-sama. Ended up taking her to a location that was secured if things went sideways during this mission.

I then made my escape and after a while, I entered the room she was being kept in. I am not shocked she did not appear to be believing the crazy story of how her brother was killed. I’d not believe it either if I was not there myself.

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It should also be of no shock someone as high profile as Hanako-sama was not going to be kidnapped for very long. They blew open the side of the building we were in and started raiding the place. Arasoka was getting their person back no matter what and they did not care who else died in the attempt.

I barely made it out alive if you could even call it that. Takemura on the other hand did not. I was also in quite bad shape. The kind of bad shape Johnny would take advantage of to try and do things his way.

Final Thoughts

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It seems in matters where Takemura is around they always end up sour. It’s a shame he ended up getting killed in the end. Hopefully, that will be the end of any bad luck that seems to be going on. With plans going great then hitting some massive snag and just going horrific.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.