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Dakota was one of the more annoying fixers to run gigs for. As these gigs could be quite far away from her. Anything outside of Night City could be hers. Some of them were also quite far away to the point I'd given up looking for any more from here before just randomly finding one.

The badlands have some issues that Dakota wants to hire a merc to clear up for her. At least her missions once found were rather straightforward. Most of the time it did not matter if I did things my way or were going a bit stealthier. Even then it seemed like I did not get dinged too badly for taking out anyone looking in my direction.

Dakota runs a garage that would end up being my drop point a couple of times for anything I'd have to steal or anyone I'd be rescuing. There would also be some shady people I'd sometimes be dropping those being rescued off too. It was not always clear if they were better off being left where I found them or turned over to the person looking to rescue them.

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Sometimes I'd just be driving around and notice a random junkyard-looking place. There would be a gig from her for me to shoot at some people and gather some intel. Those were rather fun as it was just by pure luck, I was close enough to one of them that I decided why not go check out what the gig had to offer.

Like many of these, the early-on gigs were not paying that great. I was mostly just doing these for street credit and some experience. There just comes a point in this game where you end up blowing all your money on things you don’t need.

taking out a compound.jpg

I have a feeling Dakota is a bit bloodthirsty as well. I don’t know how many times a gig would end up sending me to a decently sized compound with lots of people to take out while I was searching it for the objective.

While some of the gigs I'd end up doing for the other fixers felt more like an over-glorified babysitter. When Dakota says she needs a merc for hire she was not kidding.

This one was at a hotel everyone was quite hostile to. At least I did not have to worry about needing to find the target alive. He was already dead, and someone was hiring out the job of getting his corpse and dropping it off to the family.

The hotel was quite run down as well. Far worse than anywhere else I'd be staying at in or near Night City. It was mostly falling apart with holes in the ceiling you could fall through and guardrails on the second floor giving out. That was before you add in the less than steeler people camping out here.

taking out a garage.jpg

In another gig, I was tasked with raiding a gas station and garage. They had snipers up on the roof and turrets on the ground. Along with a decent-sized amount of support. I ended up getting way too close before getting the full details on this one and had a lot of incoming damage to deal with quickly.

My objective here was to take out a guy named Gig Pete. I found him with a bunch of computer systems hiding away while everyone else was trying to stop me from finding him.

big pete.jpg

He in the end was not even willing to take responsibility for his mess up on another job. He seemed like the kind of person who blamed everyone else but himself when things went sideways. He even tried to get me to switch sides. Once I accepted a gig, I was only working for one person and that is the fixer that hired me for the gig. Let’s just say the animals in the badlands will find what is left of them one day.

I’m not sure what it was about getting sent into landfills, but I found myself in several of them while working for Dakota. I suppose they provide a lot of supplies people wanting to set up in the badlands would be looking for.

finding the next gig.jpg

Then I became stuck for a while. You see I was hoping to have gigs from Dakota completed first out of all of them. Expect I could not find the next one to run. Turns out there was one hiding from me on the bottom of the map far south of Night City. You also need to be a bit zoomed in to even see gigs in the first place, so it was easy to overlook.

I was sent in to rescue someone. I ended up finding that person and their car. We then escaped in their car to a more local spot. Since I was so far away from Dakota’s shop, I had to wait a while before someone arrived to take him to where he needed to go.

Then I went looking around the badlands where Dakota is and again could not find the next gig she had. I then went looking around where I was for the last gig and sure enough to the east, all the way at a dead end was the next one.


This was perhaps the only one I was not supposed to take anyone out at. I was, however, already getting shot at by snipers while still being told the details of the job. So, I did not have much choice in that one about spilling a lot of blood.

This was also another gig after I rescued the guy, I had to wait around a bit for someone to pick him up. He seemed not so thrilled by the person that showed up. However, a gig is a gig, and that person was who I was told to leave him with. It was not any of my business issues those two had.

finding the mobile station radar.jpg

Then came the final gig. I was tasked with finding and bringing back a mobile radar station that was working out of a van. This thing was causing many people in the badlands issues with the capabilities it had.

She wanted it stolen to stop them from carrying out any active missions. Then have an opportunity to have some people study it so they could better protect themselves in the future when a replacement mobile radar station is brought back out.

taking out those going after me.jpg

I would have had a lot more fun blowing the van up. It was a bit slow to bring back and the owner of it sent a couple of people after me to recover it. I ended up pulling over on the highway and dealing with the reinforcements.

Final Thoughts


I was thrilled once I had the 9th and final gig finished for Dakota. These were a bit annoying to find. I can now go work for some other fixers who are all offering work within a smaller limited area. Some of them are offering quite a few more gigs as well.

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