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Since I've avoided most spoils about this game even about Johnny Silverhand. Let’s just say I was rather confused by this part of the game. It was both shocking and I was left for a short while with the feeling that I have no idea what is going on anymore in this game.

This all leads back to that biotech chip I slotted into my brain. Things went so sideways let’s just say Dexter was less than thrilled of the outcome and decided to wash his hands of everything.

At one point I thought for sure I must have botched the last mission so bad that the game ended for me. Then as I was trying to work out what the daylighting was even going on I started to wonder if the game was starting me over again as another character named Silverhand.

Let’s just say that would have made things quite simple if V simply died and I was now Silverhand. As I would learn after this V is still alive and to a lesser extent so is Johnny Silverhand who died over 50 years ago.


Needless to say how confused i was when I thought V had been killed and I now found myself in a helicopter firing this massive gun into a building. Even more so at the time I had no clue who was even doing the firing let alone why they were even doing so.

My gamer brain was spinning in all sorts of directions trying to work out what was even going on. Let’s just say all the theories I had did not even come close. This game tossed quite the curved ball in my direction, and I've loved every moment of it afterward. It was so strange and out there such a thing belongs in a cyberpunk game.

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Once I found our team was firing on a building and doing lots of other not-so-great things. I found myself in an elevator with a bomb of some sort. This just added even further to my confusion of what in the daylighting is going on here.

As if shooting at a building; along with, blowing up that building was not enough. Jonny also went and uploaded a virus into the Arasada Tower mainframe. All of which at the time I had no idea why he was even doing any of this.

At this point, the only thing I started to somewhat understand is this Johnny character was seen as a terrorist of some sort. The news and later many people's points of view of the entire incident seemed to support that conclusion as well.

Along this entire trip if you could even call it. It seemed my character was fading in and out of someone's memories. From playing in a rock band to blowing up buildings. It seemed to be all over the place.

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Then like a true horror show my character would end up finding himself in. This face appeared before him. It was clear it was being done in virtual reality. One could have hoped it had stayed there but this Johnny character would be bleeding into the real world as well.

Then like a sense out of a movie I was given a loading screening. As if my brain was booting back up and taking me away from this bizarre world it was showing me and back into the one the real world.


I then thought I was about to be killed again or possibly for the first time. I was lying in a heap of rubble and there was Takemura the last person I wanted to see. I for sure thought he was out for some kind of revenge, and I would have been easy pickings.

So why would this Takemura character want off me? As far as I could tell at the time, he was the security for the old CEO of Arasada. The very one I knew was killed by his son. I however did not know at the time that Takemura was working it out what went down in that room that day.

We both, however, found ourselves in a situation of being hurt and in need of emergency care. You would think the guy’s insurance company would have sent someone out to patch him. From all I know he had since been fired or perhaps there was damage to the systems that report to the insurance company then reports to a hospital if needed.


All I do know is I was in quite bad shape. Thankfully at one point, Delamain the Taxi was going to take me to my ripperdoc who I was hoping could fix me up as new. That is when I started to learn the odd Johnny Silverhand moment that was going on before and now my current situation was starting to blend somewhat.

The biochip in my head was damaged. Perhaps for the best. It turns out that the biochip had an engram of Johnny Silverhand on it. It was that engram's goal once inserted into someone's brain to wipe out the current occupant which at the time was V. Replacing them with who was on the engram which would be Johnny Silverhand.

As the story progresses it seems like no one fully understands how to deal with Johnny Silverhand while also saving V’s life at the same time. At best people could come up with solutions to slow down the takeover with things like pills.

There were also many people willing to take advantage of V by claiming they knew of a solution. This would end up being quite a driving factor in getting me to want to advance along the storyline.

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As occasionally Johnny would appear and there would be an internal struggle with him. While sometimes it seemed like he flat-out wanted me dead. He also started to come to terms with what was going on.

There would also be moments where I'm off doing some random thing. Then suddenly out of nowhere, at least from my point of view. The microchip would act up and Suddenly V would be coughing up blood, have blurred vision, or even be on the verge of passing out. Many times, not in the ideal location for such a thing to occur in the first place.

Final Thoughts


Wherever I thought this game was going to go ended up taking a 180 once Johnny Silverhand was added into the mix. I also wondered for a while about the actions I'd see Johnny was up to and why he was even doing them. Those reasons for what he did in bombing a building I would not find out for at least 15 hours of gameplay till I advanced along a storyline that shed more light on the situation.

This was perhaps one of the strangest things I've witnessed in a video game before. They sure did a good job at blinding the players and leaving them quiet in the dark for a while about many unexpected things. While also slowly bleeding out in the form of narration of what is going on.

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