Cyberpunk 2077 | Into The Cruel World

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I ended up picking up Cyberpunk 2077 on discount a couple of months back and I've been waiting till I had a nice chunk of free time to truly enjoy the game without interruption. This is a game I've been wanting to play for quite some time, but I lacked the computer for it till last year. It ended up being quite more shocking of a game than I was expecting.

Despite Cyberpunk 2077 being out for a bit now I've rather avoided most spoilers and quite a few things about the game. As a result, this game left me quite confused and even awe-struck at moments as I went further down the rabbit hole of Night City.

Despite finding some minor bugs which I'm shocked have not been fixed by now. I’m quite amazed by this game. Just how deep feeling the Night City is. I don’t know how many times I've spent just riding around it not looking to do one thing or another. It’s also been a blessing to have a computer that can handle going over 100 MPH in a game without any issues. Something my old computer could not even do in games like Grand Theft Auto V.

picking a lifepath.jpg

I took some time and read through the different lifepaths. I’m not quite certain how these will change any outcomes. At some point, I might replay the game and give a different option a try.

I’ve never been big on large corporations or concrete jungles. So, playing as a Street Kid or Corpo was not in my deck of cards for this one. I’d end up selecting the Nomad route and quickly find out my nomad tribe was no longer around.

Wanting to join a nomad tribe if given the chance is something that will be in the back of my mind while playing this game. At the start, I had no idea how often if ever I would be interacting with anyone from another Nomad tribe let alone being able to join them.

character customize.jpg

I felt character customization was deep enough for me. I know many out there would have preferred a lot more options. I did not spend a lot of time on it. Thankfully you can change quite a lot of your appearance settings from a mirror in the game whenever you like.

For whatever reason I have this strange issue with lighting. Sometimes it makes the color of the character look quite different than what it should be. I’ve tried playing around with some of the lighting settings without it seeming to fix the issue.

As far as the settings are concerned, most are at max or near. Along with having some AMD boost settings enabled for preference. It seems like my FPS is capped without an option to uncap it. I’m also rather amazed that my average FPS is 69.6. Remaining almost unchanged if I'm inside a small room or zooming through the city.

setting attributes.jpg

Like any RPG the time around. I had little clue where I wanted to spend things like attribute points. The best I could do was try and make a guess what I might end up enjoying playstyle-wise from what information I could glean this early on.

For quite a while I never did have much of a throughout plan of where I wanted to spend attribute points let alone which skills to acquire. It ended up just being whatever I felt like I might use the most next if nothing else. Along with just leaving them upsent for quite a few levels at a time.

Thankfully there is an option to reset such things in the game. I’ve always hated it when games are so tight on forcing you to stay with such choices early on when you have not a lot of an idea of what you are even doing yet; let alone, are going to want or need down the line.

the city.jpg

It seemed like a lot of my time would mostly be spent in Night City. Night City itself, as it turns out, is quite a sinful city during the good times and quite a cruel one during the bad. Lots of backstabbing, people looking out for themselves only, and then there is the character I'll be playing V.

V seemed to have drawn quite the short stick indeed. It is a twist I'll be talking about more in length in another post. One I had no idea of since I was rather isolated in the information, I knew about this game beforehand. I was not expecting my game play and choices being driven in such a way.

Final Thoughts

looks like he broke out.jpg

The first time I saw my character in the actual game made me feel like he was in a former biker gang and perhaps he has been out of jail for a short amount of time now. The kind of guy you walk across the street to the other side to add some distance to feel a bit safer late at night.

This also ended up being a game I played for a fair number of hours before writing down a single word. This is one of those games where you set off to go do something and an hour later you are off working on something else not even having finished the task you started off wanting to get done in the first place.

That makes it a bit more challenging at times to try and keep things straight. After all, sometimes there are waiting periods, or I need to progress further along in a main or side quest.

Then you have the moments where you see something shiny and just get distracted and run off chasing after things. I will say Night City kept me rather busy and even felt a bit overwhelmed by all the things I had to do for a few hours. There did, however, become a point where I felt I started to get things into control and down to more manageable terms to deal with.

I feel a game like this many game developers would have botched the entire thing up. I however have quite high hopes since it is a CD Projekt Red game. It has also had a couple of years now to bake things out as a released game and I can only hope things have only gotten better over the years for it.

I ended up having quite a blast in this game. There were also moments when the game ripped my heart out. It is such a cruel yet amazing game. One I couldn’t believe it ended up taking me so long to get around to playing.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.