Cyberpunk 2077 | Eliminating Some Competition

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I don't that more times than not a gig I get is more about taking someone out, stealing their stuff putting them out of business, or just causing a lot of havoc in an area. It’s even better if I get to clean up an area of the city filled with criminals all looking to take advantage of the locals.

Seems like there is always yet another gig to run. At least for the time being. I ended up being in the area again that Regina Jones operates in so I looked around for any gigs. Turns out she still had plenty to run unlike some of the other people I've worked for in the past.

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Regina Jones has a hideout just in case the police ever come looking for her. The issue with that spot is some gang set up a pachinko parlor for people to gamble at. Causing lots of unnecessary attention to the area.

After seeing how narrow the back alleyways were for the area. I can see why it’s a concern and it’s worth paying someone like me to eliminate the person running it. It’s also the quickest way of dealing with the situation instead of trying a softer approach of just breaking some machines and hoping they will move on.

I also think based on some context clues I have an idea where Regina Jone's hideout is as well. Since I don’t want to risk her crossing me off the list. I’ll keep that exact location to myself. Besides, I could not find any easy way in without triggering some sort of alarm and her thinking that the hideout was burned. All I do know is I need to get more locations for myself as well just in case I ever have an issue at one of them and I need somewhere quick to hideout.

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As if murder for higher was not enough. I was later tasked with acquiring some drugs. I have no idea what they are used for. All I can say is a gang took over most of this rundown apparent that I was sent out to explore.

There must have been a lot more going on in this place than someone stashing some drugs there. I did not even make it up far into the stairwell into the place before being shot at.

This is why someone like me gets sent into a situation like this. Other than the location of the drugs very little was known. While someone smarter than me might have tried to recon the place. I have a feeling any attempt to do that in the area the apartment was in would have been spotted, shot, and never seen again. So perhaps that would not have been a smarter person going that route.

It also seemed like spilling blood was a requirement for this mission. Many times, when I've gone on quite the killing spree Regina Jones lets me know after a gig has been closed and pays me out that it was not done in a manner that was desired. Not this one.

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Of all the people I'd be dealing with I never thought I'd be sent in to save a non-corrupt cop. You read that right. This cop was hiding due to not being willing to bend the rules and take bribe money.

As a result, the cop was in hiding. I ended up having to go around a market near where the cop was believed to be hiding out to try and get further information. I questioned many vendors and those walking around the market to see if they had noticed anyone who matched the person I was looking for.

The goal here was to not draw too much attention. I also was not looking to shoot at anyone. If anything, I needed to get the cop out of harm's way. Why Regina Jones needed an honest cop is beyond my understanding.

You would think someone on the take would be more up her alleyway of wanting to protect or even have on her payroll. One can only assume she more the likely has some like that. Regardless, this time around it was not like that.


Once I tracked down the person, they spilled the beans on who wanted her dead. She almost put a bullet in my head as well. I guess she was not expecting anyone to come into the apartment room she was held up in unless they were there to take her out.

Some of the gigs I got just were rather quick ones and rather forgetful. It’s not like I don’t mind running ones like those as well. It’s kind of nice to get in, and out, and find something else to tackle in the area while heading out to another gig location. Even more so if I can finish off a gig, side mission, and reported assaults.


One place I was not expecting to hit up was a pharmaceutical store. I can only suspect, like many of the killings I do, that I'm eliminating someone's competition for a certain market. This one was not hard to guess which market.

It came as no shock to me this place had some heavy defenses. It seemed like everywhere I turned once I entered the building; I had a gun pointed right at my head. Thankfully it seemed many were on the store's supply, and they could not hit me if they were point blank. I on the other hand had no issues sniping people down if they were across a room or standing right next to me. The number of headshots I got within that building was astonishing

Sometimes there was not someone to eliminate or anything to break. The best I could do was to steal say a laptop from them. So, the laptop could be analyzed for further details. Such gigs like that were usually easy even more so if I did not go out to make lots of sound and trouble for myself by shooting anything that moved.

There were also a few missions that were more about gaining intel or releasing viruses into systems. There seemed to be a decently wide selection of different kinds of gigs that I found myself working on over a couple of days.

Some of the people I delt with did not seem like such bad people either. Don’t get me wrong, many of them were scum of the earth. Still, you occasionally would find yourself needing to deal with someone who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of deal.

Final Thoughts


In the end, running gigs for Regina Jones were quite fun. It was also nice there were 23 of them to run. So, I could get to understand the style and even somewhat the kind of gig I'd be getting while sticking with a single person for a while.

While I did these gigs more for the entertainment value than the rewards. It was nice gaining a little bit of money I'd put towards my next step of implant upgrades. As if I need them at this point.

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