Cyberpunk 2077 | Delamain And His Problems

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You would not think an AI would have any problems. It turns out many of his taxi cars have been acting strangely. I was tasked with going out and tracking them down. Later, he would keep having issues with the same cars and requested further help from me again.

It all started when I went to get my car out of a parking garage. I was about to leave and a Delamain crashed right into my car. Now I know Delamain drives people around who might be fleeing law enforcement or perhaps someone trying to kill them. So, I did not think it was so strange one of their cars would flee an accident. It was however strange that an AI would even end up hitting someone in the first place.

Delamain report.jpg

Like a few things in this game, a cell phone is used to give information to the player either in the form of a voice chat or text. In this case, Delamain gave me an incident number to report and get any damages solved by going down to their headquarters.

Getting down to the headquarters, however, with a buster car was not going to work out. So, I had a little issue I had to resolve. I then went around looking for any parked cars I could steal but I did not find any.

This, however, is quite a busy city. I just needed someone to slow down enough so I could pull them out of their car. I decided to go up to a stop light and steal the first car I could get the door open to.

You would think the police would have been alerted to a carjacking. I suppose there is so much crime in this city that such a minor thing is no longer something they care about. Either way, I was just thrilled I did not have any police on my tail as I made my way to the Delamain headquarters.

the receptionist.jpg

Once there I had a bit of a talk with his receptionist. You would think an AI would be controlling everything. It turns out I guess he's just a little too busy and has a bunch of other AIs running things. So, he's not having to micromanage everything. A bit strange for a game based on the future with how powerful computers must be. But I'm willing to overlook such a thing if the story works out being fun due to it.

I was invited further into the headquarters and even got a bit of a look around of the operation. There were a couple of taxis getting repaired by robots, as you might expect. They also had light screens set up to trip if any human should get in the way to stop their work. At least in theory that is how such things are supposed to work. I’d later find out these did not care so much about humans.

I made my way to the Delamain control room where I got to talk to the AI that oversaw everything. He told me he lost content with some of his AI taxis that were driving around. Asked if I could help reboot them and get them home again if possible.

I’m rather glad I ended up taking this mission. It ended up sending me all over the city. Allowing me to unlock quite a few areas of the map and gain some quick street credit as well. Furthering quite a lot of people all want to get in contact with me.

At one point I gave up trying to keep ahead of all the text messages I was getting from random strangers. It was a bit annoying and even overwhelming. It was, however, worth getting all that out of the way.

Ai car found.jpg

So, I'd drove around to different areas of the map looking for 7 cars that Delamain lost contact with. It turns out each one of these AI’s are acting not only on their own but like children. They seemed to be suffering from some kind of split personality from the main AI.

The first car I had to drive back myself. It seemed like it was unable to do much of anything. Acted more like a scared teen than anything. As I went further along tracking down each car was sometimes even harder and convincing them to go back was becoming even more difficult.

finding an other car.jpg

Usually, I'd get a wide area each car could be located in. I then had to drive around looking for them. Sometimes they flee around the area. Other times they were just sitting and chilling in one location.

For each car I found I got a nice little reward for doing so along with some street credit. Once I was done, I headed back to the headquarters and got one final reward. That is when I thought I was rather done with Delamain.

back at the headquaters.jpg

It turns out that was just the start of the problems Delamain was going to face. When he got all his AI cars back, they were not going to remain quiet or do anything he wanted. They ended up taking over his headquarters to gain freedom over the main AI program.

This time around I could not just walk into the control center and resolve the issue going on for Delamain. The rogue AIs had turned the place into a giant death maze. I also found it amusing that the mission was called “Don’t lose your mind” as every time you felt you found a way forward you either lacked the skill to open a door or you were blocked by something that would kill you every time.

Once I unlocked some doors and got further in, the next task was working out how to get around a bunch of exposed wires. I tried jumping unsuccessfully a few times across them.

crawl space.jpg

So, I ended up checking out the only other place that was unlocked to me. It turns out I could jump onto some boxes and found myself in this crawl space that allowed me to jump down behind a garage door I could not open. From there I could walk up onto a catwalk.

The further I went into the maze the harder it seemed to find a path forward. I was now faced with being on the other side of the exposed wires but again I could not just jump across any even if I tried to time them when they were turning off and on again.

Any path forward I found either had a door I lacked the skills to unlock after I went across the catwalk or when I went down to a floor under where the exposed wires were. There was a sealed gate blocking my path forward.

down below.jpg

This required a bit of back and forth. I discovered while on the floor below there were quite a few grates I could open and crawl up to see things. One of them had a car I could push out into the middle of where all the exposed wires were.

After some frustration and a few late attempts during a late-night gaming session, I ended up going through a few rooms of puzzles till I got to the end where the Delamain core was.

I was then given a few choices and I had to do one of them to finish. Delamain himself wanted me to reset everything. The other AIs wanted me to destroy the core. I also had the option of attempting to merge and hide the AIs in the code keeping them safe.

Destorying the core.jpg

Johnny wanted me to destroy the core and set the AIs free. As I slowly turned the idea around in my mind of what I wanted to do. I thought why not let’s give Johnny for once something he wanted. I was hoping this would play out in my favor one day with him down the road. I have no idea if it has currently.

a car remained.jpg

Most of the AIs fled the moment the core was destroyed. On my way out I ended up finding one of the cars that remained behind. With the core destroyed it had to relearn how to do everything again from driving to many other things the car can do.

It turns out this car was a backup plan for top-tier clients of Delamain. In the event Delamain fell there would be another AI to take over and drive around those top clients. However, at the time the car was not able to do much driving on its own.

The AI ended up going on a trip relearning things. It would sometimes send me random texts asking me random advice on what to do. The whole thing was strange.

Final Thoughts

the last one.jpg

I was a bit sad to see the Delamain network mostly go away. I’m not sure yet how useful the AI that remains will be for me in the future. I’ve already bought a new car anyway so it’s not like I need a taxi service.

This ended up being one of many strange adventures I'd end up going on in Cyberpunk 2077. I never would have thought an AI would have other AIs working for it. I was fully expecting self-driving cars. AI-powered cars and other services can be a bit scary to think about. Even more so when things go wrong and their own develop their personality types.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.