Cyberpunk 2077 | Assassinating For Dino Dinovic

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I wish I had started gigs sooner for Dino Dinovic. Many of them revolved around assassinating something. He also offers only a couple of gigs in quite a smaller area of Night City. Making working for him quite a quick thrill before moving on elsewhere.

hitting a club.jpg

The first assassination was a club’s network. This was the kind of club that did not let you go very far unless you turned in all your weapons. While I was not supposed to be killing anyone inside. They were less than thrilled about me trying to enter an employee-only area.

I also forgot to tell the bouncer at the door that my fist was killing machines. I did not need a gun when I was just knocking people out left and right that got in my way at this club. Lots of security did come rushing in to stop me from taking out the network. Little good did that do for them.

They even let me collect my weapons on my way out. How kind of them. This was a quick and easy job. It also did not pay that great. At the very least I would not be far from my next gig location.

inside hell.jpg

Then came the former gunman for hire who refused to stay in retirement. I would have thought retirement could have been a bullet into the back of one skull in this line of work. Turns out you can retire after all if you are working for the right people. Some people, however, did not like him doing some side work while in retirement and asked me to deal with the situation.

I don’t know about you but when a place is called 7th Hell the last thing, I want to do is spend any amount of time in there. I went guns blazing in and was out of that place before my target's body hit the ground. I did not even bother to double-check that he was dead. There was no surviving what I did to him let alone anyone else who was walking the wrong way down any hallways in that place.

the server room at the station.jpg

The next place was along a station. I was not expecting to end up in quite the shootout that I did down there. I was looking for some computer systems and failed to notice a doorway that would lead me further down into a complex.

I ended up killing and looting so much down there I ended up carrying too much weight to move quickly. I had to stop in between bullets being fired at my brain to dismantle some weapons into components. I’d later use those components to upgrade some implants.

the hotel.jpg

The next target I needed to hit was held up in some hotel room on the 19th floor. I could tell from scouting around on the first floor that this place could get a bit nasty if I did not try and play this one a bit stealthier than I tend to do.

I also wanted to make sure the target I was after did not get wind of anything ill going on in the hotel. Getting to the 19th floor even though there was an elevator would take some time. The last thing I needed was the target walking down some back stairs and out of sight.

I ended up finding a back door. While there was a guard in there, he was not paying enough attention to realize I was there. I took him down without anyone ever noticing I was in the building.

I then managed to stay out of sight distance to crawl my way to the elevators to go up to the 19th floor. I just had one issue. The person I killed I had no good place to hide his body. At any moment someone wandering around could discover their colleague dead.

the igunana.jpg

Thankfully that never happened. My target was held up in some fancy hotel room with lots of rooms. I could also swear one of their rooms has an iguana in it. Could that be the very iguana I helped smuggle into Night City when all my adventures here started? I have no idea. The very thought however is quite exciting.

I ended up finding my target resting on a sofa having finished off at least one glass of wine. She was quite shocked I was there. She did not have anything useful to say and I wanted to escape before anyone I killed in the building was discovered.

Once she was taken care of, I went down the elevator and managed yet again to avoid detection by the front desk. I’m starting to think the people down there don’t care much about their jobs. Jobs I assume won’t be there for much longer once it’s discovered a client has been eliminated.

the docks.jpg

The last gig I had was to assassinate someone's career by gathering some incriminating records on a computer. This was supposed to be, yet another gig done on the quiet. It however required getting past a few buildings along a dock. After ducking into one of the buildings I was not shocked that I noticed since there were very few places to hide with much floor-to-ceiling glass these places had.

At the very least I was able to get access to a computer that controlled some turrets in the area. It made a lot of noise which lured more security to come rushing towards it. I was able to mow down a nice path to the building I needed to gain access to.

From there it was a simple matter of just jacking into that computer. Downloading the files and sending them off. Let’s just say they were hoping no one would have known I was even there. I guess they should have known better by now.

Final Thoughts

the car.jpg

Like all gigs, once you finish all the missions, they have you get a reward. This one was yet another car. While I drove it around a bit, I did not think it was better than the main car I drive, I'm always driving around in.

It was at least fun to add another car to my collection. If I had started these gigs with Dino Dinovic sooner. I’m sure I'd have used the car. It was not that bad, I just happened to have better by this stage of things.

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