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It did not take long before I fell into quite a daily routine in CryoFall. I ended up following this routine for quite a long time with it only getting more complex and I further expanded my base. While it became quite repetitive, I did find it rather relaxing.

Usually around daybreak, I needed to restock my forges with ores to smelt. My closest mining location is just a couple of steps down to the south. I then had one north-west and a second north-east. Those last two locations, however, are much smaller and require a lot more walking.

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At least the respawn time on resources in my solo play is quite quick. I could almost just stay with this single massive south location for my mining operations. A lot of the time I was also just too lazy to go up north to the other spots.

A long-term goal is to move from having to do things by hand with a pickaxe and ax to using drones. That, however, requires a lot of technology to do so.

It just so happens I got really lucky during an ongoing event and looted an advanced drone controller. This would not only allow me to control drones but also an extra one I could be unlocking soon to craft anyway. I, however, was still short on having the drones themselves.

cutting trees.png

Once that is all done, I have the smelters going again with hundreds of ores. I’m usually running low on wood to burn as a fuel source. It seems like all I do is endlessly feed the smelters at this point. I however never have enough bullets, at least not yet.

At some point, I upgraded my weapon as well. This made my daily routine a lot safer as I could now shoot 9 bullets before needing to reload. It is also quite funny that while I don’t quite have the range of my rifle my AR has some rather unexpected range to it. With the increased fire rate, I won’t have to fear much unless I run out of ammo, or I go much deeper down into the sand areas of the game that I've mostly left alone at this point.

It would be at this point where if I was feeling lazy, I'd just AFK till it was night and then day again to go back out and see if the ores had respawned and repeat the process. While many might consider that to be quite boring. I found it to be quite the casual play I sometimes just need in a game. I’m in no rush and it doesn’t matter where I’m going.

out hunting.png

If I was not feeling lazy it would be time to push out and go exploring and hunting. I am always on the hunt for other resources. Sometimes I would go out to the clay deposits that were not that far from my base either. Other times I just wanted to know what was in a random direction I had yet to explore.

Food for a while would still be a constant struggle. It slowly rots over time. You could build a primitive refrigerator and then one day upgrade to a freezer once you have electricity. Food would still not last forever. It just gave you a couple extra hours which I could easily AFK it away. At least the rot could be used for gardening if I ever get the garden off the ground.

I’d go off on some grand adventures if there was enough light left in the day. To the east, I found a lake and I'd be able to get sand and some sugar around the edges. The shoreline was filled with crab, but it just dropped normal meat.

Further up north were even more mountains and forests. I’m rather glad I ended up selecting where I did for a base. While it’s nice up there nothing as great as the location I had found.

There was also a road that was far out east and south-west. It is a bit of a shame I was not even closer to them than I am. That ended up not being as important a factor as I was expecting it to be over time. As I would unlock faster means of travel later on than going on foot.

raditation town.png

All of those roads at some point or another would lead to a small town that had loot to gather. Once you enter these towns, however, you start taking radiation damage. While I slowly upgraded my armor to iron it did not provide that great protection to it.

While you can get money out of these sites. Since I'm playing solo there was little use for player trading so that money was worthwhile. I was mostly looking for seeds and acquiring pain in the behind complex components that I rather not have to craft myself.

A lot of the time I came out of these radiation towns with nothing worth my time. I always had to be careful how long I stayed in them as you could risk taking on too much radiation poisoning that you would most likely die without a lot of healing for a while after you left them. There was also the chance of suffering

Final Thoughts

returning at night.png

I almost always ensured that I'd return to my base late at night. Most times I'd need to put more ores into the smelters or empty them, so they had some further room. I might even take a night run off to get even further wood. I swear it was never possible to have enough wood even if I spent an hour gathering as much as I could stand.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about CryoFall.