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There comes a point in CryoFall where you don’t recognize yourself so much anymore. Perhaps it’s the armor and small drone army you command. It could also be the implants you start using to get a bigger edge than your normal human body in the game would have had.

I consider this to be the badass stage of the game. It’s not quite where you craft an entire exo-skeleton mech vehicle which I feel is slow and just not worth my time. The game, however, becomes quite easy as long as you don’t run out of power.

nanofiber skin.png

One thing I started to focus on is crafting materials to start making implants. You can only have a couple of them. You even need to craft a special machine to inject them into you in the first place. I was, however, starting to get close to increasing my natural protections by doing things like reducing the amount of food consumption I had amount a lot of other things. Some of these implants are cool and others not so much.

While most of the time these are just small advantages. They start to add up and these implants while they do decay slightly over time will last me longer than I intend to play this game at this point.

I also spent some time crafting a massive armor upgrade. I had been putting it off for far too long. It now looks like my character is roaming around in a full-on space suit with lots of armor plating on it. This will allow me to stay in some quite deadly areas and if I do take some nasty blows, I should not have much of a risk of getting killed.

These are, however, not the biggest upgrades I've been wanting for quite some time. I’ve been sitting on an advanced drone control for quite some time. I however in my exploration have not found any drones. I was now to the point where I could craft them.

mining with drones.png

You might be wondering why I want drones so bad. Because of how amazingly cool it looks to be mining with them at night! What other reason to have them? I can just sit there and send them out while not having to move to each mining node myself. They fly out kill the node and fly back to me.

cutting trees with drones.png

I get to just go around swarming the mountains with drones! They also do more than just mining. I can now go and deplete massive amounts of forested areas! I have so many ore and wood now I ran out of storage to hold it all. My inventory is full, and I have to craft a solution to this new issue!

I also happened to craft myself up a laser gun. I have to recharge the batteries for it. This has put a bit of a massive strain on my power grid. So, I needed to expand how much oil I was extracting and how many generators I had running to ensure I always had ample power.

Thankfully you can also craft battery banks to store power in. While I had a single one in the past it was not going to be enough anymore. I ended up crafting some further ones.

While at this stage of the game, it is tempting to go with solar power. I’ve done that in the past. It breaks rather fast and produces small amounts of power during the day. It’s also quite pricy in terms of resources to craft. Just not worth it in my eyes.

I did have quite a lot of fun going out and hitting radiation towns, and hunting some bigger creatures. Along with just looking for all kinds of trouble to get into. Unless I ran out of power, I was almost unstable at this point.

Over time I even crafted up a mark 2 of the however board I had. It cost a bit more to make but it went a bit faster as well. This, however, was not that important since I had gone around and unlocked the different teleportation points in the game.

I kind of feel the teleportation locations somewhat take the fun out of having to move around on the map. The however board already moves you around at a decent rate. I also do like being lazy so it’s not like I'd turn down using them either.

the swamp.png

I even had quite a lot of fun exploring areas of the game I've yet to be this time around. One day I took my board and out in search of the swamp. There were some creatures and areas I could explore for some reason. Not that I needed them anymore as I was almost closing in on unlocking everything in the tech tree at this point.

There is something just amazing about being able to hover around and shoot laser beams at stuff. Even more so knowing just about anything I'd hit would not be able to catch up to me if I needed to avoid taking damage.

I even went up into a volcano and cleared out a large portion of it. The heat up there was enough with some damage I took to finally get killed. There are, however, some consumables I could craft to counter the heat. I, however, did not bother since I had no interest in returning there. I already had all the resources I was going to need for quite some time.

Final Thoughts


This is also part of the game where I feel like I've had my fill of things. I’ve expanded my claims quite far. I’ve crafted most things you can craft outside of some end-game stuff. Death was rather rare and caused by me being lazy.

The only true thing left was to craft and prepare for the boss event fight. I however just don’t care what so bit for it. There is also an end-game device you can craft to escape from the planet.

While I think being able to escape and officially, I assume end the game. I like the idea of being able to come back in a few months from now if I dare so much to do. Just go around shooting laser beams at stuff for fun.

So, this is where I choose to end this one. Perhaps one day I'll feel like putting a lot of time into getting the mech suit crafted so I can do a solo battle with a boss. That however is just not time I feel like spending for now.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about CryoFall.