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Events in CryoFall I feel help spice things up quite a lot. Even more so when you are just sitting around in your base for a long amount so time waiting for things to smelt or are crafting. Since they are quite random it can kind of suck when one occurs, and you are not ready for it.

Early on they did not have a great way to move around and most of the map was not yet explored. Getting to an event could be a bit of a pain. While the map is not crazy massive it still is quite big. Until I unlock better ways of getting around something could be out further than the time left remaining on the event.

There are a few different kinds of events. Somewhere harvesting, others fighting different creatures. Then you had the stuff I never spent time preparing for like boss fights. While things like boss fights would be scaled down since I was a single player those would be when servers would unite and go and fight off the evils that would spawn during those items.

At the very least events would pop up on the map and you would see a counter on the side in the UI. They would give some basic information such as the type it was, how much time was remaining, and the area it covered. Once you got into the area that was under effect of the event you would get some further details if there were any.

Events can also sometimes get annoying. Even more so if they pop up on top of you and you have much more important things you would rather work on. Even more so when they involve combat, and you are ill-prepared to face them. In such cases making a mad dash back to base was not out of the question and just waiting out the event timer.

More times than not however I was more eager to engage with them. Assuming I got back from being AFK and still had enough time to run out to the event and do it.

space debris.png

Sometimes space debris falls to the planet. You would have to go around looking for them. Many times, more than one area would be affected since there tended to be just three items to find at a time.

During these kinds of events, you tend to loot lots of ammo, armor pieces like helms, and smoke, and some healing items as well. While I did not have a use for everything, I'd get during an event like this one I loved to just hit them up. I just needed to make sure I had enough inventory space to deal with all the loot I'd be getting.

The biggest issue like in a lot of these events was just exploring the area in question and finding out where an item or node you needed to find was. They don’t give you any further clues than the area it can be in and how many remain to be found.


A much nastier event is when native lifeforms are migrating around. There is nothing native about Floaters showing up and trying to murder you. Even more so with the nasty Psy damage they deal. They can be quite deadly.

More times than not when this event showed up, I'd go hide in my base and just wait it out. That was till later into the game when I had better gear that had resistance to them. Not to mention having more capable long-range combat weapons to defeat them with.

Otherwise, more times than not it was a quick death and respawning back at my base. The amount of damage my armor would take made them not worth my time. I did not care much for their drops from insect meat to Keinite. Keinite was quite a late-stage resource anyway I would not be needing it any time soon.

After the early to mid-stage part of the game I kind of stopped going to meteorite events. While it was at least nice seven or so of them could be found in a single area. You just get refined gold, copper, and other stuff from them. I could already get that elsewhere without having to go across half the map.

mining metortire.png

Mining meteorite was more of an I'm bored and looking for something to do. The rewards for doing so I could get much more of with a lot less risk elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

final world event.png

While there are a couple of other events. Most times they were out of my range, or I just missed them every time they popped up. For the most part, at least they were fun and a nice way to break up the grind. There were also just many I felt were not worth the effort.

I do wish a few more survival games had some kind of system like this in place. It is a great way to break up what the player is doing and even force them to make changes to any current plans they have. I’d sometimes just leave the game running checking back from time to time to see what event would spawn next.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about CryoFall.