Firestone Idle RPG | Guide To Getting Beyond Stage 100

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Firestone is an idle free to play clicker game with some elements of an RPG. In this guide, I focus on some tactics that I used to get to stage 100 and beyond. This guide is assuming you have read my review on Firestone Idle RPG and have a basic understanding of the game.

Depending on how much time you have to play Firestone Idle RPG each day you want to think in terms of what is the best moves to make so you are sitting idle at peak opportunity. You want that idle time to be doing as much as possible until you are able to get back and make any changes, upgrades and so on.

Daily login and Questing

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In a game like this having a goal in mind each day can help you feel like you have accomplished something even more so when things start to slow down. An easy way to do this is to log in daily and focus on the questing system.

Logging in daily can have some massive rewards at the end of each week giving you the needed resources. Most importantly it is the lowest effort activity you can do even if all you can do is log in to collect and nothing else.

Beyond that focusing on the daily and weekly questing should be next. Every week you can earn at least one rare and two uncommon chests among countless common ones by just doing simple things. These can be running so many missions a day, killing a certain amount of bosses, using scrolls, using inventory items and so forth.


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One of the bigger noob traps in this game is leveling up the guardian to early. While it’s tempting to just dump all the Strange Dust you get into leveling it up since there is no other use for it. There is also a bottleneck that can end up costing you a lot for not being ready.

Once you have researched level 10 you need 300 Strange Dust to evolve a guardian the first time. That does not seem like a big deal until you realize depending on how often you play that could take around a week or longer to acquire at first. Later on, in the game, it’s not such a big deal.

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There are two daily quests that involve the guardian. One is using free training you get every eight hours twice a day and the other is enlighten the guardian twice with Strange Dust. When the guardian is at level 10 you can’t do either of these things.

While you only need to do 7 of the 9 daily quests to get the reward some of the other ones are time-consuming in how often you need to come back to the game. As a result, this simple mistake could cost you daily rewards, the weekly rare chest and even more depending on how long it takes you to get 300 Strange Dust to evolve to unlock your second guardian where you no longer have to worry about these issues occurring.

World Of Alandria Missions

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Things like World Of Alandria missions are time-based. If you know you can’t be around for hours it’s best to set the longest missions you have such as war since they take up to two hours. If you can be around every half an hour you would want to complete your scout missions first.

This also goes for how much time you have remaining before the missions refresh timer. If you only need to wait twenty minutes before the refresh and can be around to not only start Scout missions but War mission after that you should. If you can’t then there no need to wait around and just start the longest time you can.

Once a mission is three minutes or less you can speed them up for free without using any gems. Missions are not really a place to start using up gems unless you are a whale spender and even then there are better places to use it like on chests.

It’s understandable you can’t be around every few hours to try and min-max this part of the game. One final consideration to take note of these missions is completing your daily quests. If you need scrolls or chests, or dust to reach the daily 7 quests requirement that should also be taken into consideration and even put ahead of anything else.

Prestige And What Level To Farm

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As talked about before in review on Firestone Idle RPG prestige is the process of resetting to increase your gold gains multiplier from the number of firestones you have. There are a number of things that can affect this number. It can also be a struggle determining when to reset since it becomes a time-intensive thing to get back to where you were.

In the early games up to level 50, you want to be reset every time you double or triple the number of firestones you have. Since it should only be taking you eight minutes with an auto clicker to back to level 50 it’s not a big deal to reset and reset often. Even more so when you are first starting out as it only takes a minute if that.

Later on in the game, once you are getting closer to level 200 and beyond it can start to take hours to get around to where you left off. Sometimes you can’t always get back to where you were either. I tended to reset after I was getting five times the amount to make it worth my time. You need a big enough gain to make up for how long it takes you to get back.

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Most importantly you want to be sitting at a level where your heroes can comfortably clear the wave they are sitting on. A good indicator you found a decent level to idle at is you are one-shotting each individual enemy and can take a few dozen hits without getting killed. You also want to go up a stage level and make sure you are not sitting in too easy of a place.

While it might be tempting to push and stay at a higher level where the heroes are constantly getting killed and it takes a few hits each to clear an enemy. The longer each hero is down the less they are earning you. I’d rather have them overkilling something than be dead 30% of the time only getting a little more gold per kill as there kills per hour will not be worth it.

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In the Library under the meteorite tree, you have a firestone effect. The effect might not sound like a lot as it only says 1%. The game adds that 1% to your overall firestone effect that can be found in the Temple of Eternals. It then multiplies that number not as a percent but as a whole number for how many firestones you earn. The example you have 1 billion firestones and your firestone effect is listed at 9%. The game calculates that as having 9 billion firestones.

Regardless of how often you are able to reset time permitting. If you need to be away for a prolonged amount of time the focus should be staying at an optimal level. Resetting and not being able to come back for hours or a day later without buying the needed upgrades to progress won’t get you very far. Costing you a lot more than the gains you were hoping to make from the increase gold rate.

Buying Upgrades With Gold

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The most important thing to do when buying these upgrades with gold every time is using the right buy amount. There are certain things you want to buy first and thresholds you want to hit to make what gold you spend have the biggest impact.

When you first reset having the “level up max” buy option enabled is a nice time-saving way to just mass buy upgrades again as you fly through stages. Since I use an auto clicker for the early stages I also mainly focus on overall upgrades at the tope like 180% gold or 400% damage for all heroes among other things. Once in a while, I’ll toss a few seconds worth of gold into upgrading each hero individual just in case I’m not around in time for when my guardian damage is not enough.

Once my auto clicker damage from my guardian is no longer cutting it it’s time to invest and focus on your heroes along with the bigger all upgrades. This is also when I stop investing any more gold into the guardian.

At this stage of clearing it’s also time to switch over the buying amount to “next milestone.” Just buying a level here or there does very little. Buying to the next milestone which is every 25 levels, on the other hand, gives a massive bonus each time a hero hits that milestone. Doing this can have the effect of doubling or more sometimes the hero’s stats from damage to armor. Other times like the main skills it won’t do much.

As a rule of thumb if I can upgrade all my heroes over buying the main upgrade I go with that first. Is there a good chance I then can press forward another stage or two higher. Expectations are made if I can get 180% gold for example. Other times you will find stuff like 25% more hero damage which I’d rather upgrade the heroes individual over a couple of times before going down that low route of upgrades.

It’s not the end of the world if you can’t sit there and micromanage buying everything the second you can afford it. It’s most important to check in a few minutes at a time after a reset. Once you get back to where you reset the last time you are good to be away for hours if not longer. After that, I tend to check in on the game I have the time to buy a couple of upgrades here or there as needed.

Inventory And Scroll Item Boosts

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While you play you will start to collect quite a few short term inventory boost items you can use. These should not just be used whenever. Instead, you want to save them till you can get some kind of added benefit. Many of them also work great in combinations.

A time to use them is to complete the daily quests once you have researched a stage you can farm with easy at and even make a small push. You are getting something extra out of using them and they often return back a scroll or inventory item for doing so. Helping you stay socked up.

Many times you will hit a wall where you can’t progress but you might be close to unlocking a new character like Benedictus at stage 200 or Burt at the lower levels. Totem of Annihilation does a lot of damage and when combined with Totem of Agony that reduces health by 50% can get you quite far in just two minutes of gameplay to burst past a wall and get whatever you were chasing.

I tend not to use any gold inventory boosts items I have till I also have a Midas’ touch which has a 200% effect on gold. Along with all your other boosts going at the same time, you can really rack in some gold. However, sometimes you might be better off holding and resetting before using more. If you have hours’ worth of gold gain boosts to pop you don’t want to be sitting at 10 times your Firestone count as you won’t be getting as much as you could out of them if you used them later on.

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As far as the speed, attack, and health scrolls there are benefits to not using them right away and holding onto them for using with inventory, doing for daily or getting research and making them better. There is an end game talent called Ancient knowledge that further boosts them when all three are active at the same time. Not to mention the library also has a number of researches you can invest in to make them stronger.

While you can earn more of these items from doing dailies, going on mission World of Alandria, and opening chests making them feel rather abundant and easy to get. You really want to make sure you can combo them and get more than just a minute or two use out of them and nothing else.


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This is one of the biggest places you can gain a massive jump in progressing from RNG since you get the gear out of chests. For that to happen you need to give yourself the opportunity by having slots open for each hero. While having spare void crystals to spend on upgrade when you do a needed drop.

At the lower stages, heroes are mostly getting common and uncommon gear. The rule of thumb is to enchant their gear enough so they have the power level to unlock Tier 2 and 3 gear slots. You also are limited by only being able to enchant common twice before you need to increase the rarity further making it harder to increase power. You don’t want to spend all your void crystals right away as the higher tier slots give you so much more.

firestone gear upgrades.jpg

While it might be tempting to spend all your meteorites on research in the liberty and not unlocking Tier 2 and 3 gear slots. The most important thing to know here is those higher tier slots apply to all your heroes. A single level 2 rare wrist gives each hero and your guardian a 5.4k% increase in power for that slot. That will give you more spending the 480 meteorites to unlock tier 2 when you get the gear than any research will.

After two weeks of playing you should have accumulated for free 1k gems. If you are looking for a place to spend that you can buy five rare chests for that amount. That gives you a lot of opportunities to pull a powerful piece of gear and leap forward in progression in this game.


firestone party auto abilities.jpg

What talents you end up getting really comes down to personal preference for the most part. There is however one recommendation I’ll make and you need to plan out for it as you have a couple needed to unlock.

On the far right, the fourth one lets you unlock the auto ability for the entire party at 25. This is quite critical as you yourself can only use the leader’s albites. This enables the entire group to cast their abilities.

This can make clearing waves quicker. You might also notice once you have this unlocked it becomes easier to overcome walls in the game. After all your entry party of heroes is now casting area of effects, powerful attacks, tanking ability, and even later in the game heals among other things.

Final Thoughts

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While there are a lot of other things in this game that I could go further detail in. Those mostly come down to the situation you find yourself in and what you need to work towards next.

If you lack the damage to kill things quickly upgrading and researching that’s that give damage is what you need to do next.

If you are struggling with taking damage upgrading and researching health and armor will be where the focus should be.

If you seem to be struggling to get enough gold to get over a wall and the above options are getting costly it’s time to upgrade things affecting gold.

For the most part, the game is rather forgiving if you make a mistake and upgrade something beyond what you should have as you will need it later otherwise. As long as you can log in a couple of times a day most things can be resolved in a timely manner so you can keep progressing forward.

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