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While many gamers have talked about this future opportunity I’ve yet to see anyone say they have applied or anything else. It’s just been a post for them to get out and then they move onto other content. So this week I thought I would get the process started. While I don’t quite meet what they are looking for I noticed an opportunity to tell them why I should be accepted into the program. I might get an instant reject, it might take weeks, or they might never reply back but I’ll let you know if they do in a future post.

To find the program its self was rather easy you go over to their website Epic Games and at the bottom of the page is a link to apply for Support-A-Creator


From there they give you an idea what they are looking for at a bare minimum of 1,000 followers on “major site”. I suspect their real requirements are much higher but I thought why not. I only have 8 followers on twitter so I’m not the most optimistic that will be my in. I do have 1430 followers on Steemit and so that is where my focus is. It was not an option but did not expect it to be either in the dropdown.

I gave them my twitter link and after some basic information, they gave me a confirmation code to put on my twitter. I also posted that on my Index post along with leaving it as a comment. Linking the two together since my Steem account is older than my twitter account.

The next process was to email them back and “let them know” I’ve put the code on my twitter. Since now I get to email them and control the conversion if they read any of it I thought now was my time.

I noticed right from the start along with the 1k followers on a major site they also stated community builders along with content creators that they are looking for. Luckily I am both!

As such I wrote the email in three different sections

  • The information they request
  • A short breakdown of gaming content I create and having 1430 followers on Steemit
  • My efforts as a community builder from networking with other communities to our short overview of plagiarizing checking content and verifying the authenticity of ownership.

Affiliate Payment


While reading the documents they had I came across there payment and payment cycle information

  • The standard rate itself is 5% for games that quality (1).
  • They pay to PayPal or a bank account (1).
  • They payout monthly after 30 days of purchase along with some other conditions (1).

That great news and rather standard from how other sites handle it.

Final Thoughts

I fully expect to be rejected for not having 1k followers on Twitter. I felt I more than have put the effort in on Steemit and the content I’ve created here to give it a try. While I don’t expect to sell a lot of games or even have people from this platform use my code or affiliate links if I get approved. I do get traffic off-site and have even had people join our discord just wanting to say hi to myself or another content creator since they had issues signing up to do so on the platform.

Overall I found the process so far to be rather simple and straight forward. They seem to have streamlined it rather well. I so far have gotten back an auto-reply that they have received my email. I don’t expect much for a while since it is already middle of the week and they did state it could take a few weeks. I can only imagine how many people are applying to this program.

I might have put some real effort into building up my social following on Twitter. Something I should put more effort long ago but never think of a reason as to why. For me to get a real following there that is going take some time. Will have to see how it goes.

Update 2022

After several years I have finnaly been accepted into the program. You can now use creator code: enjargames at checkout if you wish to support me.


Screenshots were taken and content written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from the Epic Games Website.

  1. https://www.epicgames.com/affiliate/en-US/overview

Disclosure: As a creator in the Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain purchases.